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Yorkshire Oaks Doula

Supporting Families through Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond


Why a Doula?

DOULA –  A person who is trained to give practical and emotional support and information before, during, and after birth. From the Greek meaning Servant of a woman.

Hello, and welcome to my site. Being here, reading this, means you have already decided that you deserve more, more support, more information, more care. I’m here to provide you with all of those things.

If you’re still not sure if a Doula is something you need, or if you are wondering why you should pay for what a Doula offers, let me say that too often Pregnancy and birth are thought of too little. We put lots of thought into which house to buy, what our wedding will be like, but our Birth experiences do not get that same care and attention. When in reality they affect us so much more and can change your life so much.

Doula’s provide you with the support you need to make your own choices, and to feel confident about those choices. We hold space for you so you can become empowered by your own choices. We provide practical support and comfort during those difficult days. Simply put, we support you in anyway you need.


My Services



Supporting you through Pregnancy with regular Ante-Natal contact, providing you with access to information and support, and helping you and your birth partner prepare for the birth experience you desire and deserve.


With my Birthing Guidance, I offer unwavering support to you and your family before, during and after birth. I will stay in close contact in order to routinely check how you’re doing and step in with anything you might need.


Pregnancy, birth and the early days of child rearing can be very scary and stressful. My role with my Postpartum Support service is to ensure you get the best information and care possible. No matter when you need me, I will be there offering support.


About Me

I’m Melanie, Yorkshire girl and mum of 5. Each of my pregnancies and births have been different, and have provided me with insights into the different routes Pregnancy, birth and even parenthood can take. I feel Passionately that every person has the right to choose their own path through Pregnancy, Birth and parenthood, and I aim to help you find the right path for you, and to support you in achieving that.
I completed my Doula training with Nurturing Birth.
I hope I can be the support you need to help empower you to make whatever choices are right for you.
I’m here to support you and your family through Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond.


Thankyou for getting in touch