Holding space and ensuring your birth choices are respected

Being a Birth Doula is a huge privilege, being invited to be part of such a life changing experience is an honour.

As your Doula some of the support I  can offer is

  • Discuss previous birth/pregnancy experiences

  • Support you in finding the information required to make the right choices for your own birth experience

  • Help you create your birth plan

  • Attend any appointments you require support with

  • Support you and your birth partner during the birth

  • Discuss the realities of birth and how to prepare for it

  • I can provide you with a birth pool and accessories should you require

  • After birth I will offer a chance to debrief your experience

  • Be on call for your birth from 37 weeks until baby is born

  • Support during Pregnancy

  • Post-Natal support in the first few days

  • Prepare and support your birth partner to provide you with the care you need during birth

  • unlimited text/email/phone support



Below are basic details regarding the 3 different Birth Packages. Each option can be customised to provide you with the exact care and support you desire.


Simply Birth

Perfect if you do not require the full antenatal sessions, but want extra support during your birth. Includes 1 Antenatal session (minimum 2hrs per session) Full birth support, being on call for your birth from 37 weeks. Hire of a birth pool if required. One Post-natal session to discuss your feelings around your birth.


Birth Prep and Support

The perfect mix of Ante-Natal and Birth Support. Includes 8hrs of Antenatal support (minimum 2hrs per session) These sessions will help you make choices about the birth experience you want. I will then be on call for your birth from 37 weeks. It includes birth pool hire if required. Also included is a 2hr Postnatal session to discuss your birth experience.


Bump, Birth & Beyond

My full care package. Everything you need to feel supported and prepared for your pregnancy, birth and those newborn days.
12hrs of Ante-natal support (minimum 2hrs per session) being on call for your birth from 37 weeks. Hire of a birth pool if required.
Also includes 6hrs of Post-Natal support

Do not let finances stop you from receiving the support you desire. Payment can be made via instalments or bespoke care packages can be created. Please get in touch to discuss how I can help you.


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