Supporting you and your family in those early days.

Those first few weeks and months as parents of a newborn, whether its your first or your third, can be overwhelming. Let me help you.

  • I can offer support around feeding your baby, whether that be breast or bottle

  • Give practical help around the house with light housework such as Washing, ironing, tidying etc

  • Help to care for older children so you can focus on yourself and your newborn

  • Care for baby whilst you take time with your other children

  • Care for baby whilst you sleep, wash, or simply take some time for yourself

  • Enable you to take time to recover from birth before throwing yourself back into everyday life

  • Listen to you, about your birth, about your feelings, about any worries

Whatever you need support with during those early days I can help you.



Below are the basic packages of Post-Natal care I can provide. Any package can be made fully bespoke depending on your needs.

£25ph - day support
£30ph - evening support

Pay as you Go

Offers you the flexibility to book as many or as few sessions as you require. Minimum of 2hrs per session


The First Days

This consists of 18hrs of support over the first month after birth. Minimum of 2hrs per session.


The 4th Trimester

The 4th Trimester is an incredibly important period of time covering the first 3 months after birth. Over these 3months I will offer 30hrs of Support (minimum 2hrs per session)


Overnight Doula

Allowing you the chance to get some sleep, I will stay with you overnight between 9pm - 7am . Soothing baby to enable longer sleep periods between feeds. Or allowing you a full nights sleep if I feed baby with a bottle, either expressed or formula.

Do not let finances stop you from receiving the support you desire. Payment can be made via instalments or bespoke care packages can be created. Please get in touch to discuss how I can help you.


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