Support during Pregnancy and preparing for birth.

Whether you are at the very start of your pregnancy or almost at the end of your third trimester, I can offer personalised support to help you prepare for your birth.

If you invite me to join you during this journey these are some of the services I can provide…

  • I can offer support during assisted conception, An ear to listen, a hand to hold.

  • Attend any antenatal appointments or scans you require

  • Discuss previous pregnancy and/or birth experiences

  • Provide 1-2-1 birth preparation sessions, providing guidance to become better informed regarding your choices, and help support you to achieve the birth you desire

  • Support you in creating your ideal birth plan, and secondary plans if the need arises

  • Help prepare you and your family for the early days of parenthood

  • Loan of resources from my Doula Library

  • Birth Pool hire with accessories



Below are basic details regarding the 3 different options for Ante-Natal care. Each option can be customised to provide you with the exact care and support you desire.
Antenatal Doula care offers you customised one to one Antenatal classes and support. Providing you with all the information you need to help shape and prepare for your own birth.


Pay as you Go

Ideal if you only require a few sessions to help discuss your birth choices and prepare yourself and your birth partner for your birth. Or if you would like me to attend a one off antenatal appointment. Each session will be a minimum of 2hrs support. You can arrange as many or as few sessions as you require. You can upgrade to a package at any point.


10hrs of support

Providing you with 10hrs of Antenatal support. Each session is a minimum of 2hrs. These can be one to one sessions discussing your birth preferences, Birth preparation sessions with you and your birth partner, or I can attend any antenatal appointments you may require extra support with. I will provide whatever support you need. I will also be available via text/email/phone whenever you need me.


Ultimate care

This offers you everything you require to feel supported during your pregnancy and to help you prepare yourself and your birth partner for birth itself.It includes 12hrs of Antenatal support, including attending any Antenatal appointments you would like support during. minimum of 2hrs per session.A 2hr Post-Natal visit to discuss how you feel about your birth experience. If required it can also include the hire of a birth pool with accessories.
It also includes unlimited support via text/email/phone

Do not let finances stop you from receiving the support you desire. Payment can be made via instalments or bespoke care packages can be created. Please get in touch to discuss how I can help you.

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