Kind words from Clients about the support I provided


"A gentle, but reassuring presence, Mel knew exactly what i needed often before I even did. Through her support I was able to have the healing, empowered birth I desired. "

"Mel's ability to sense what I needed before I had to ask was incredible.  Whilst I was in labour, I often forgot that she was there, but when I needed something, she was immediately at my side.  When my birth plan changed (as these things can do!), Mel's presence was by far the most reassuring thing, and she didn't hesitate to change her plans to ensure she could be there for me.
As a doula, Mel wasn't just there for me but she supported our whole family to have a truly empowered birth experience."

"When I felt concerned about my birth Mel provided us with the information we needed to make our own choices.  Our Antenatal session helped me reclaim my birth plan and ultimately helped me to have the birth I dreamt of. "